Tallahassee Divorce Lawyer

When going through a divorce, two thoughts are usually foremost in your mind: protecting your children and protecting your property. Attorney Maggie McCall Moody is dedicated to helping you do both. An attorney with more than two decades of experience, she has navigated the most complex dissolution of marriage situations. She will use her knowledge and experience to help you achieve the results you want.

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She understands that when children are involved, you do not want your children to become a casualty of a divorce or parenting litigation (custody case). When it comes to parenting litigation issues, she will work closely with you to find out what outcome is in the best interest of your children. She will build a legal strategy that is dedicated to seeing that outcome happen.

Many financial components are involved in a dissolution of marriage. (Some of them are often not readily apparent). Maggie McCall Moody will take the time to learn about your property and inform you about the financial implications of a divorce. She will help you build a plan to minimize those implications. Read more about Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce).

In every divorce case the law requires that all financial and property information is disclosed by both parties. Divorce attorney Maggie McCall Moody will work with you to see that all of you and your spouse's financial information is visible, including common stocks, bank, brokerage and retirement accounts, life insurance policies, value in a business and any other assets that may potentially be missed. This information is important not only for the division of assets, but it also impacts child support, spousal support and other areas of your divorce.

In addition to offering services as a divorce lawyer, she is available to assist other attorneys with divorce mediation.

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