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Family Law

When you are involved in a family law matter, such as a divorce, you want to be treated fairly. You want to know what your rights are, what your options are and you want to minimize the traumatic impact to you and your family.  The McCall Moody Law Firm will provide answers to your questions, address your concerns, determine the economics of the divorce and use the firm’s experience and resources cultivated over nearly three decades to get the results you need to protect you and your future.  In matters involving child custody we will work with you to protect your children to achieve a parenting plan that is in their best interests and to be able to continue to provide for them.

Maggie McCall Moody has practiced law in the Tallahassee community since 1988.  Ms. Moody concentrates her practice exclusively in the area of Marital & Family Law.  She brings trusted knowledge and commitment to the law to help you protect yourself, your family and your assets.

Since founding the McCall Moody Law Firm, Ms. Moody has applied her extensive experience and cutting edge technology to resolve the complex financial and parenting issues she is entrusted with by her clients.  Maggie McCall Moody strives to achieve an expertly negotiated settlement reflecting the needs and best interests of each client.  Today, the courts require most cases that do not settle amicably early in the process go to family mediation.  Not only has Ms. Moody successfully negotiated many settlements for her clients, but as a former mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida to mediate family law cases, she has experience assisting other family law attorneys and their clients reach settlement through the mediation process.

However, when settlement is not possible, she utilizes her considerable experience in litigating matrimonial and custody issues.  Ms. Moody has decades of experience in all aspects of marital and family law, beginning with work as a research assistant in law school for her family law professor.  She built on that experience developing a practice dedicated to family law within prominent law firms, while gaining invaluable experience from seasoned trial lawyers in various areas of practice.

When the Florida Supreme Court issued a groundbreaking decision requiring family law cases be heard in dedicated court divisions, Maggie McCall Moody was given the opportunity to serve as a Senior Attorney with the Supreme Court of Florida implementing that Family Courts Initiative.  As the family law divisions were created statewide, she served assisting with judicial education and legislative relations related to family court, providing primary support to the Family Court Steering Committee and the drafting of new separate court rules and procedures specifically for the family courts. Thus, Ms. Moody has the unique experience of working directly with court and community leaders creating the family court system in which she exclusively practices in today.

After the family law divisions were in place statewide, Maggie McCall Moody worked in the legislative process applying her significant experience in marital and family law extensively.  As director of various legislative committees, she worked with nearly every legislative proposal in the area of matrimonial law including major proposals on child support, residential responsibility for children, equitable distribution, and relocation in child custody matters.

Maggie McCall Moody is a member of the Florida Bar and is admitted to practice in all Florida state and appellate courts.